Cubase 12 Pro and SSL UC-1 with 2 linked X touch controllers

So, I got the UC-1 in the rig with a few questions. I brought up an old song as a trial to test workflow.

Cubase 12 Pro
2- X-Touch controllers linked together. (These actually work with the SSL plugins btw)

All name changes I do in cubase as well as any track ordering, they all follow on the 360 window.

What doesn’t follow is TRACK SELECT or any fader movements. Is this the 360 1.5 update everyone is talking about?

Do other DAWs already have that feature where the fader position in their DAWs are reflected in the 360 window? It a little confusing seeing all the 360 faders at unity.

I also tried putting all the Cubase faders at unity then mixing with the UC1. The output gain does move the 360 faders but ultimately that really screwed me up, cause I use the X touch a lot.

I’m curious is this the 360 1.5 update feature?

Any work arounds someone has implemented.

Any news about that?
I’m considering buy a UC1 and Ssl UF8