Cubase 12 pro + Arturia = Major problems

So I’ve went all in on Arturia and just got the Keylab mkii 88 and bought the v collection 8. I’m using Cubase 12 pro on a MacBook M1 chip with Apollo 8p and console as my audio interface.

Problem 1: If I open analog lab v or a synth plugin in cubase the synth presets sounds way different than if I open analog V or the plugin as stand alone. The effects like reverb and phaser is suddenly set to max. And if I try to reduce them then they just automatically goes up again.

Problem 2: When having a synth plugin or analog lab v on a track in cubase it has a massive lag that makes it virtually impossible to play. I’ve tried changing the sample rate from 256 to 128 without any effect.

I’ve been reaching out to Arturia but the response is that this is a problem within Cubase. Please help me

My mistake. Hadn’t updated to the latest version of Cubase 12. Now everything works perfect

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