Cubase 12 pro Clone audio feature what is it

Read about the Clone feature for audio clips in SOS mag. Cant find any info/vids on it, but SOS says its brilliant - why? what can it do? Anyone know? links pls

ps SOS sound on sound magazine

Hi! Would’ve been nice to mention what magazine issue you read this in, but anyway. Based on what I came to understand (after watching this video), audio cloning would be modifying an audio clip (say a 32 measures oboe part) in a way that the timbre changes to the one of the cloned audio clip (the sample given as “Timbre Source”). Audio cloning could make the voice of a man sound like the voice of a specific woman voice. For this you’d need to have an AI VST insert plugin… I don’t know if such thing exists though.

He sais it was in SOS (or Sound on Sound). Thanks for your helpful reply,

I meant which SOS Magazine issue (Year, Month). Please like posts that you find helpful (little “heart” icon). Just saying thanks on Discourse forums doesn’t mean much.

apologies, SOS mag Jan 23 soundonsound dot kom/techniques/cubase-12-sampler-track
cubase 12 sampler track
jus a brief mention at the end, but I saw something elsewher about cloning a female voice down to a male voice (not by speed changing - mickey mouse!)

followed your yt link and its in HINDI no mention of Cubase

replies pls from someone who has tried this feature

You need to enable warp in the sampler and play with the settings , it’s does do a good job

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The article refers to the Cloner plugin of Cubase Pro.
If you search YouTube for “Cubase Cloner” you should see several videos dealing with this plugin.

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Got it at last thnx 10^6

Cloner | Effects and Plug-ins Included in Cubase

seems like a chorusing tool also mono to stereo bodger

surely you could work around by creating extra 4 audio tracks and applying Fx?

In fact Dom Sigalas does it here
5 Ways To Widen Your Vocals | Cubase Secrets with Dom
great vid tut

soory this borad wont let me post links yet

Im on Cubase 12 artist, I dont feel like paying +$200 for ug to pro just now just for Cloner plugin

cheers all