Cubase 12 Pro - Cloud installation?

Hello Everybody,

Installing Cubase 12 Pro, I’d like to use my pcloud drive as much as possible. I am not sure, however, which kind of cubase-used folder could be moved to the cloud and which folder must stay on the local machine?

The reason is, I am using a desktop computer and a laptop and would like to keep all libraries synced across both devices.

Appreciate your feedback.


I wouldn’t sync the libraries, They usually don’t change that much, so just install them once on each device, done.
What you could sync is a) your project folders and b) Cubase/VST presets.
You could also sync the Cubase settings folder, but I could imagine that there are some files in there that should better be excluded. Not sure, I’d have to check.

Thanks a lot for your advice, fese! I am currently struggling to use Absolute 5 on both, desktop and laptop, computer and waiting for feedback from Steinberg wrt license management.