Cubase 12 Pro constantly freeze


My Cubase 12 Pro running on Windows 10 has started freezing. Have tried to contact support without any reply, maybe someone in here can hint what is wrong. Please see attached dump.

Cubase 64bit 2017.9.15 9.54.dmp (875.0 KB)


In the title, you are mentioning Cubase 12, but the dmp file comes from Cubase 9.0.20. Which Cubase version exactly do you use, please? Make sure, you have the latest update installed.

Sorry for the confusion. I am using Cubase 12 Pro but included a wrong dump. I attach the right one.
Cubase 64bit 2023.12.29 (1.1 MB)


This freeze is linked to the known Windows issue. Please, enable the WinRT MIDI driver type in the Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup. This will fix the issue.

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Thank you so much Martin - this did the trick.
What a perfect way to start a new year. :smiley:

Happy new new Martin and thank you again.

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Hi Martin (or others?),

Do you know a way to identify which plugin(s) required me to switch to WINRT? As using WinRT messes up my MIDI equipment set-up.


It’s not about a plug-in. It’s about the MIDI driver.

Any idea/suggestions then why this happened suddenly? The only thing that has been added are plugins (both FX and instruments)


I’m sorry, I have no idea. Maybe some (hidden) update? Or one of the plug-ins changed something in the registers… Just shooting in the darkness.