Cubase 12 PRO crash on Score Editor when sending MIDI inputs

Good afternoon friends,

I am having a serious issue with Cubase 12 crashing to desktop every time I open the score editor and input notes from the MIDI keyboard. The flow is as follows:

  • Open the score editor
  • Ensure “step input” is selected
  • Click on the score
  • Begin playing on the MIDI keyboard

I can input 3, 4 notes and then, it just crashes to desktop, no warning, no error, nothing. Only ONE of all those crashes actually reported an error which I am attaching, but this behavior is 100% replicable every single time I try to do this.

If I use the same method with the computer keyboard and assigning the pitch just by moving the arrows, I can score for hours without an issue.

What could be the issue? Thanks for any insight.

Ps. How do I attach the error log? I don’t see a way to attach files. Thank you.

Just drag your file into the composer window (the area where you type your reply).

As a generic and banal suggestion, in Studio Settings>Midi, check “Use Device DirectMusic”, or, if it’s already checked, uncheck it.

Thanks, here’s the file:
Cubase 64bit 2023.6.21 (1.8 MB)

I’ll look into this.

For what is worth, it appears to ONLY HAPPEN if I have Note Editing Overlay ON. It’s extremely systematic. I won’t last 10 notes and it will crash. Setting off the overlay appears to not present the problem, at least not a lot of notes after.

Sound like prefs issue.

You should start cubase in safe mode, disable prefs. If things work better, quit and do it again, but select Delete Prefs. (aplogies, I paraphrase)