Cubase 12 Pro crashes on start

I have uninstalled, redownloaded and installed Cubase 12 Pro as well as the (steinberg) plugins. And deleted the preferences file. But none of that helps. Cubase does not want to initialize anymore and does not give any response after safe mode. The program simply ‘disappears’. After removing the preference file, Cubase 12 Pro was started 1 more time, but that did not work well either. Now Cubase 12 Pro won’t start at all. No error message, no reference to a crash file. Nothing. I’m getting really pissed off about it now. The software and plugins cost a lot of money and it just doesn’t work and I don’t know why.
Cubase 12 Pro (and previous versions) ran fine until recently on my PC with Windows 11 and 16 Gb Ram.


Could you attach the DMP file(s), please?