Cubase 12 Pro Create tracks from lanes no sound?

Hi, I’m expirimenting with the create tracks from lanes function.
I recorded several bass lines in 1 track, but different lanes. Now i wnat to make different tracks.
so I selected them all and used the 'Create tracks from lanes function (right mouse menu).
Than it creates the tracks, but there is no sound.
The wave shapes are the same, but look empty.
Am i missing something?


I would guess the Audio Events are muted (because they are muted in the Lanes). Use the Mute tool to Unmute them or select them and use [Ctrl/Cmd + U] to unmute.

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Hi Martin, Thanks for your reply!
Indeed, using the mute tool helped.
Didn’t kwow about this function. Selecting the ‘X’ and than select the event did unmute it.