Cubase 12 Pro crossgrade

Good morning:

As Pro Tools Ultimate and Cockos Reaper licensee (commercial license) I am eligible for a crossgrade license for Cubase 12. Couple of questions:

  1. There’s no trial for Cubase 12 yet, is there?
  2. In terms of “proof of eligibility”, what are you looking for? A screenshot of my Avid Account showing the PT license? Or a screenshot of Reaper?
  3. I read something about licensing issues related to the new licensing system, have those been fixed now?


Bump - if someone at Steinberg could reply I’d appreciate it. I submitted proof of eligibility but I haven’t had any reply yet.

I’ve read that process can sometimes take a few days to get the approval of your previous DAW done… I bought my 11 crossgrade in November after they announced the free 12 update, and made sure I had my Logic Pro invoice email ready to send off. I bought it from Sweetwater though, who happened to have my Ableton Live Suite purchase in my history so I’m assuming they did all the necessary work for me. I got all my stuff almost immediately and just had to wait for the eLicenser to arrive in the mail to get running with 11.

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More than problems, many users were not sure how to upgrade a previous license with the new license management system. it can happen after getting used to the old licensing system for many years.

if you buy version 12 directly (without updating the license from the old system based on USB dongle) you will not notice anything.

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Thanks guys … just bought crossgrade from Sweetwater, easy process (also got my PT upgrade through them so they had all the paperwork). Downloading and installing everything now.

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