Cubase 12 (Pro) deletes MIDI device panel files when it closes

Cubase 12 is deleting my MIDI device panel XML files when it closes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a device panel XML file
    -On Windows, the file is in %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 12_64/Panels
    -I’ve copied one of mine from Cubase 11 Pro
  2. Launch Cubase 12
  3. Note that Cubase recognizes the panel and it is fully usable
  4. Exit Cubase
  5. Observe the XML file is deleted and the panel is not usable in Cubase after this

I’m currently working around this by revoking write permissions on the XML file, but this is less than ideal.

The same with me. I already described this bug yesterday in this forum and reported it to Steinberg. However, I didn’t know that it is due to the deletion of the xml file. Steinberg should fix this, because I use my MIDI devices (automation) very often.

Have you tried the file permissions work-around? Hopefully that will get things working for you until there is a real fix.

Yes, I have. I tried to restrict permissions on the xml-file in the Panels folder - with Cubase still open (the device-panel closed), but anyway Cubase deletes the file on closing. Maybe I’ve done something wrong. In the meantime I’ll continue using Cubase 11 for my projects with device automation.

This appears to be fixed in 12.0.10