Cubase 12 Pro Demo flawlessly working on 10.14.6 Mojave OSX (confirmed!)

I have just downloaded 12 demo and it is working fully, actually smoother than 11 :slight_smile:

What I have done:

  • Cubase installer stated, I need at least OSX 10.14.6 (I had 10.14.5)
  • So I invested 20~30 minutes to upgrade (but the same Mojave osx)
    *I DID NOT update security 10.14.6 minor one though!! (just in case hehe)
  • Then I installed Cubase 12 Pro
  • Started.
  • At first, Cubase was identifying my iLok related expired demo plugins, so yea I quitted all.
  • Then, just like 11, it was initiated fine with all settings migrated from 11.

So… my mac is intel latest mini just before M1 chip model.
So I think, minimum osx should be re-considered as, 10.14.6 (even it is unofficial)

Um, so… my only question here is, how do I keep my installed Cubase 12 intact and… just
purchase the full version?
Will I need to re-install 12?

Is demo version exactly the same as the full 12 pro version…? (just in case…)


If you purchase full license, you don’t have to reinstall Cubase. Only activate the new license.


Thank you for such a quick clear reply. I will purchase right away :slight_smile: