Cubase 12 Pro does not recognize my Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface

I have been successfully using a Steinberg UR44 interface for a couple years with Cubase 10 & 11 on Windows 10 64bit. When I upgraded to Cubase 12 (still with Windows 10), it no long is “found” by the system as it was in the previous versions and also it is not listed as a device you can “add” in the Studio Setup. I suspect it is a driver issue, but I can’t find a newer driver.

I can’t really use Cubase 12 without the UR44 so for the time being I will have to stay with 11 Pro. A waste of money, and I think I would like the new features of 12.

Can you elaborate? The driver is not selectable here … ?

You should not need to do that. If the driver is available, well … the driver is available.

Screenshots are usually the most helpful in these situations (hint, hint :wink:).

Hi Art, yes, the same thing has happen for me. Just upgraded to Cubase 12 and found the UR44 not available. I thought it might be a driver problem and upgraded to the latest but this did not work either.

Hi there, I’ve found the solution. You need to have “Audio System” selected on the left hand side and then the UR44 device should appear in the drop down list of the right of this snip:

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Thank you!. This answer was great for me. It worked!

You’re welcome. :wink:

me, too!