Cubase 12 Pro & Dolby Atmos

Hi all,
I have been trying to add space to some of my audio tracks, and have been playing around with the Dolby Atmos set up, to great effect…until I try to create a mixdown via the Steinberg Dolby Atmos renderer!
My track sounds really good through playing back through Cubase, but the exported ADM file (Wave) is almost inaudible as the volume is greatly reduced, it seems, automatically when I create the ADM?
When you create an Atmos bus it is not routed through the Stereo Out bus, so the control room is not affecting it, and I cant find anyway to increase the output volume in the renderer, so I guess I must be doing something wrong somewhere but I just cant find it!!
So, to recap, I have the Dolby Atmos renderer working, I have the Atmos Bed feeding the renderer, I am listening to my track using the Binaural setting, and it sounds wonderful, but the created ADM file is almost silent!!
Can anyone offer some pointers please?
Thanks in advance.

I just wanted to say that I have managed to solve this issue and here, with a little background, is how I did it!!
I am not a professional sound engineer and I think that is where my problems started, but for you information here is how I can now mix my tracks using Atmos, and I must say I am glad I can because they sound so much better!
The very first thing that MUST be done is to ensure you are recording at the correct sample rate 48.000 kHz, then do your thing with Cubase until you have a completed song!
When you are finished and you are happy with it then you can begin the fun stuff:

  1. using the ADM set up assistant, in the renderer-main mix channel config I set it to stereo
  2. in audio connections I made sure Renderer Stereo tab was active, using my Focusrite audio device
  3. ensure the Renderer downmix section is set to Binaural
  4. adjust each track to suit
  5. open audio mixdown, and set Renderer Stereo as the output, then export
    I now have pristine, to my ears anyway, Dolby Atmos audio tracks which sound so much better than the original stereo output I used to get!!

I would advise everyone with Cubase Pro to have a play with this because the end result is absolutely brilliant!
Cheers all and happy recording!!