Cubase 12 pro Error message re midi devices

I have been working on a small project with no problem of a few days and today i get the error message

" An error occurred while checking if Midi devices have changed"

I close it and it pops up a total of three times, which i close each time, then it goes away for a while

It has been doing this sequence randomly during today

Any ideas please, as I have not changed anything that i can think of?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you sure this message comes from Cubase, please?

What MIDI devices do you use? Are you on Mac or Windows?

Hi Martin
Thank you for answering and apologies for not adding more details.

I am on Windows 10 and i have only seen this error yesterday, and on both occasions it was when I was working on a cubase project of just one track

I have an Akai MPK mini, nano Kontrol2, a Kenton freak 16 and a presonus Studio 24c of which the Midi inputs are being used by the freak

i did close and start cubase up again and still got the problem

I have now restarted the computer (should have done this first, i know, sorry), and have loaded cubase up again this morning, and will leave it loaded without doing anything for a few hours (its father’s day over here :slight_smile:

I have been using cubase for a couple of months with no problems (except having to go into the Task Manager often, to close it fully)

I will post back in a couple of hours to see if the computer restart sorted it, or that i have that error again

thanks again

A few hours later, with cubase open, the warning came again, but i had just been watching a tutorial on youtube (which i have done many times before with cubase loaded), so not sure whether the switch from that may have caused it

I will load cubase on its own for a time, and see if that was the case

As Martin asked,

Maybe post a screenshot of it…

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Sorry, this is definitely not a Cubase error message. If this would be Cubase, it would have common Cubase window view and there would be Cubase logo in the message. All Cubase messages have the same view.

Is there any other software using MIDI in the background? Maybe you can find out in the Task Manager where does the window belong to.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for clarifying that the error does not come from cubase, and to be honest, that’s a relief.

I will look in Task Manager the next time this happens and hopefully i will find out from there

I’m not sure what midi rubbing means, but i should be able to recognise a midi item

Thanks again


Me neither. :grin: The autocorrection was smarter then me. I deleted the word, hopefully it makes sense now. Sorry.

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Perfect sense, thank you

Oh yeah baby! :rofl:

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A new feature?

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