Cubase 12 Pro fails to load due licensing freezing

Hi all…

Once in every 3 or 4 times loading Cubase 12 Pro (12.0.40), the main banner appears but hangs. It always seems to happen when the small text at bottom left (that rapdily changes as the various components load) reads “VST Mixer”.

When I open Task Manager (Windows 10), it shows Cubase as “not responding”, & clicking on the dropdown menu shows that Cubase itself is actually OK but the non-resposnsive bit is “licensing check”.

If I force close it & re-open, all is fine, although I get the initial pop-up box you get after a Cubase crash (telling you that a serious problem occured & giving various options for loading only basic settings etc.).

Anybody come across this before? I have a full Cubase 12 Pro license, & loading up Steinberg Activation Manager shows all is fine with the license.


Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant to automatically update the Steinberg Activation Manager to the latest version (currently 1.4.0).

1.4.0 has fixes and performance optimizations that might help prevent this from happening.

If you still use the USB-eLicenser dongle for some software, you should also try running the eLicenser Control Center and clicking the Maintenance button to the top right.

I personally never had Cubase 12 freeze on startup. I usually close and reopen it 2 or 3 times a day.

Hi @Romantique_Tp thanks for the reply.

I’ve done that - I was on v1.31.

It would be good if users were notified that updates were available.

So annoyingly it’s started to do it again.

Crash dump files are produced but size is 0 KB so unable to upload to Support ticket.

Any thoughts?