Cubase 12 Pro freewarp audiowarp markers

The new features of cubase12 looked so inviting and in particular multi part audiowarp editing with phase correction appeared to promise what I was looking for.
I used it on one track and the results were great.
Working on a new one and made a few warp hitpoint edits between takes and now suddenly I can’t create new hitpoints, I just get the left to right cursor with a time clock above it.
I’ve been using cubase since very first VST implementation came out in version 3, admittedly amateur and not professional.
Call me dumb if you like, but I’ve got to say that the software frustrates me sometimes.
How can I have been using the software this long and still get stuck down rabbit holes that reduce my musical productivity rather than enhance it.
Do any of the experts (or other amateurs :slight_smile: ) out there know of any preconditions required for creation of warp markers for free warping audio in cubase 12.
I’m sure it’s not just the half bottle of red that is stupefying me here…


I just stumbled upon this exact same problem. Did you find a solution for this?

No I didn’t manage to fix the feature in that specific project, but was able to just use it in others. Seems to be an uncommon use case that has not been detected by Steinberg testing, or at least considered not worth the effort to fix.

I did some more digging and found a way to reproduce and a way to ‘fix’ this issue:

To reproduce :

  1. Make sure you have more than one workspace.
  2. Select an audio clip and make sure Free Warp is working (so you know you actually broke it after the next step).
  3. Change workspace.
  4. Free warp should no longer be working.

To Fix

  1. When in the audio clip editor, select the ‘Time Warp’ tool
  2. Move the audio around a bit and do Ctrl+Z to undo the moving.
  3. Now switch back to Free Warp. It should be working again.

Not ideal, but at least I’m able to continue working on my projects without having to go back to Cubase 11.5.

Side note: I opened the Cubase 12 project in Cubase 11.5 and Free Warp was working. When I saved as a new project file in Cubase 11.5 and opened this in Cubase 12, Free Warp was again not working anymore. I’m not sure if this has any impact as it seems to be a UI issue.

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Thank you Thimssen,
Nice detective work.

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