Cubase 12 pro freeze

I’ve had no problems with Cubase freezing in the past at all.
I purchased Absolute 5 on November, 30. Installed it on December, 1. Running out of HD capacity on main drive, I decided to move all VST plugins to an external drive. Absolute 5 contents was also installed on the external drive. I opened Cubase to make sure that all plugins was visible from the new location. It was. I use Staiberg/Cubase plugins only, no 3rd party plugins.

I was not working with Cubase all December. First time I tried to work with Cubase after the Absolute 5 installation was January 3, 2023. I opened a project and start playing it the decide what changes to be made. After one minute or so, the screen freezed, but the project continued to play for a minute, though only the voice and percussion channels. Then there was a hum sound and everything was frozen. This behaviour is now the standard every time I use Cubase, meaning; Cubase is for the moment unusable.

This is the environment:
Windows 11 Pro 22H2
Cubase Pro 12.0.52
Steinberg UR 44C

Does somebody have an idea what could be wrong.