Cubase 12 Pro in multiple machine

I know Cubase 12 Pro can be installed in 3 machines.
But I want to know whether can I use Cubase in 2 machines simultaneously?


If you are using both machines yourself then yes , both will be OFFline activated

Yes I want to use both machines at the same time. Do I require to remain offline at that period?

3 machines, simultaneously, no limitations whatsoever. (I guess @FilterFreq means they are activated and can be offline, not to be confused with Offline Activation, which is something else.)

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Yes , sorry , i meant once activated you can use them off line if need be

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Okay, thanks you all. Actually I upgraded to Cubase Pro 12 since it launched and now due to some work load I need to activate it in my 2nd machine to run Cubase simultaneously in the both machines and from your answers I became assured that I can do it without any issue. Thanks