Cubase 12 Pro intermittently hangs when opening new project

On Windows 10, I5 9600k, 32GB ram with a Steinberg UR44 audio interface.

When opening existing projects from 11, Cubase freezes and I have to force-quite it from the task manager. These projects have audio tracks with mostly stock plugins, MIDI tracks and a few VST instruments (Halion Sonic full-version, Groove Agent full-version and UVI Workstation).

This happens about 1 in 3 times I open an existing project. I’ve tried waiting many minutes, and it never finishes or shows an error. The task manager shows low CPU usage and ample memory available. After restarting Cubase, the project will open normally.

In case it’s related, I’m having similar freezes sometimes when switching between audio tracks within a project. It also consistently freezes whenever I wake the machine from sleep mode when a project is open, but I’ll open another topic for this. I’m submitting log files whenever this happens.

No judgement, software is hard, but I’m starting to think I should put 12 on the back burner until the next patch is out. Fingers-crossed this will be addressed.