Cubase 12 pro issues after using Melodyne

I just downloaded the latest update of 12. I also upgraded to Melodyne from essential to assistant I now have issues where I can still hear the audio but there is no visible wave forms in the session edit window. and up top the sample ruler is there instead of the bars and beats. I don’t know what happens. But the CPR files are now four times the size of what they were. I had no issues until I started using Melodyne.

I have the same issue with Cubase 13, Windows 11. Intel i9 11Gen.

It was a problem with Assistant, but I have Editor now and still a problem so not version specific.

It seems to happen more often when taking a long recording and doing a lot of edit/arrange. I will mute parts but they play anyway. Or I resize the part smaller then undo the change, and the audio is no longer there even though the wave form shows in the graphic.

Sometimes you can move parts and the graphics move but the audio still plays where it was before.

Also has been my main source of crashes, after it starts getting weird if you don’t close / re-open the project it will often crash when moving audio parts

The best workaround I’ve found has been bouncing sections down to audio ASAP once I have them as needed (Audio Menu → Bounce Selection).

That was quite a while ago I’m not sure what I did but the problem got resolved? I think I just did a “save as” project and the problems were embedded in that specific session?. Also make sure your audio buffer isn’t too low. Good luck.

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Glad it’s resolved for you, I’ve had the issue in multiple projects :frowning:
Always when doing lots of audio editing on a melodyne track things get strange.

Good luck. Nobody ever replied to my original post to resolve this issue.