Cubase 12 Pro Key Commands Presets file MISSING

In Cubase 12 Pro and also Cubas 11 Pro, on Mac, I am not finding the Presets listing in Edit → Key Commands. What I am finding is “Preset” (notice the “s” is missing. This contains the following items:
Open/Close Browser
Track Preset: Next
Track Preset: Open browser
Track Preset: Previous
Am I missing something, or is this the “new” standard: preset text. I have a Streamdeck profile that says to copy a file into this “Presets” directory and it’s not getting there. Supposedly the pathname is Users/username/Library/Preferences/Cubase ver#/Presets/KeyCommands. Tried copying said profile into the “Preset” directory but it’s not showing up. So thinking something wrong somewhere.


I can see the Preset folder in the Key Commands window and also the mentioned items.

Well, it must have been cosmic rays hitting my hard drive or something equally unlikely. Reinstall Cubas 12 and reboot and Voila! all back to normal.