Cubase 12 pro Latency

Im using Windows 11, NI KA6 USB interface
Im struggling to get an input from my KA6 audio interface but, this has shown something else.
In cubase 11 KA6 reports 7ms in 7ms out.
In Cubase 12 KA6 reports the latency in to be 24 ms and the out up to 32 ms.
Is this to be expected ?
Im going back to 11 for now.

It may sound silly but have you chosen the correct driver? I’ve seen people do this before and they haven’t selected there audio interface asio driver

Well ill check but native instruments say KA6 is Ok for Windows 11
May have to start the C drive from scratch if the registry is damaged.
I’ve also noticed Cubase 8.5 starts to load then disappears.

Thanks for the replies.
Its OK now, i’ve switched to an earlier driver and that working fine so, ill leave it alone now.

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