Cubase 12 Pro - Macbook Pro Cpu issues (used to be fine in Cubase 11 buff 256)

I’m having cpu issues when tracking in CB 12 Pro and did not have this issue in CB 11 pro. Tried many thing that could possibly be causing this issue with no success. Have the latest Cubase update, but still the issue remains. I notice drops dramatically from 16 gig to 2 Gigs when I start Cubase 12 without even recording.

Cubase 12 Pro build 12.0.20 Build 263,
MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
Memory 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

Also, “Activate Steinberg Power Scheme” does not appear in my Studio Set up Tab.

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Could you explain what exactly you mean by “issues”?
Audio performance meter higher than in C 11?

Also, when you mention 16 G versus 2 G this sounds like something RAM-related?

Yes. Had a chat conversation with an Apple assistant over cpu issues being that it’s supposed to be a powerful laptop with i9… He suggested disabling disabling spotlight indexing on my main HD to which I did and also Siri but the problem remained. So, my main issue is when I record and set the buffer size to 256. Cubase 11 this was fine, you know, typical glitching here and there depending on plugin processing, but in 12.0.20 cpu meter goes up dramatically that I can’t record even a single track. Thanks for asking.

Just to clear my point. I know Cpu and Memory are different. Just trying to know what can be causing a problem that wasn’t there in Cubase 11 pro.

We have the exact same MacBook config except with the i7.
Experiencing similar performance drop on C12 vs C11.
Appears to be more Ram and GPU intensive.
Hoping the next update will address some performance issues for us Mac users out here who haven’t yet made the financial jump to the newer M1 models.

Never got issue resolved. Re installed Cubase 12, cleaned pref’s, installed latest interface drivers… etc… and still, at 256 my buffer meter goes berserk when recording even with no plugs inserted… Wonder if it’s my UR22 interface. I have no other interface to test with so used built in interface in MacBook Pro which gave good results. My thing is, why Reaper and Logic do fine when recording at 256, but both Cubase 12 and 11 don’t? mmmm

I’m on a newer MacBook Pro M1 Pro (16g ram, 1TB dr, macOS 12.3 and in working a lot in Cubase 12.0.30 I was experiencing random slow when pressing record or play. A lag of maybe 1 second. Also, I found in general, it seems slower than Cubase 11. I can’t put on exactly what is going on. I may go back to the first release of 12 and see if changes anything.