Cubase 12 pro mix console problems. Help!

Good morning
I have a serious problem with my cubase 12 pro. I am on a PC and running windows 10 home with an Intel i7 processor and 64 GB of RAM.

The issue is that I am unable to, in the mix consoles, I cannot use the mouse to control the faders, only the scroll wheel, and my connected midi controller. Also, I can’t seem to use any of the menus or drop-down menus on any of the mix consoles. For example, I cannot click on the routing rack to change the routing. When I do the normal routing menu, pops up and disappears almost immediately. also, I cannot add or change any plug-ins as nothing happens when I click on the inserts rack spaces. I also cannot Press the E button to get into the channel settings. As you can imagine this Causes a very limited workflow. The longer I have the file open. It seems that more things keep going wrong.

I am currently on the latest update for cubase pro 12 But in my own troubleshooting, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling older updates, as well as cubase 11. This did not help. I have also tried to roll back some of the automated updates for windows, and that hasn’t seem to help to either. I have also tried to do a system, restore with windows to an earlier time that I know things worked, but after hours of it working to restore the old files, the computer said the system restore failed. I have had to close the Studio because I cannot do any work in this condition.

I am at a loss here and don’t know where to go next. I am hoping that someone here can provide some help and guidance.

For troubleshooting purposes, could you try disconnecting all your MIDI devices, reboot your computer and start Cubase in Safe Mode with preferences disabled and 3rd party plugins disabled as well?

i am doing this now!

unfortunately it made no difference. Thanks for trying though

I’m thinking out loud here, but could the issue be related to GFX? Do you use any scaling in Windows, are your GFX driver up to date?
Sorry, but I’ve never heard of this issue before.

do you mean my graphics card? its an Nvidia Geforce GXT 1060 i will check for an updated driver

and what do you mean by scaling?

Make sure you install the Studio version and choose Advanced. You only want to install the actual driver, not any of the other applications. (If you already installed those previously, I recommend you uninstall those.)

Windows setting:

oh ok, i will get right on this thanks

on 1 of four monitors my scale is at 125%