Cubase 12 Pro & MODX8 and tempo sync

I use Windows 10 Pro. Currently the MODX8 is my USB/MIDI interface. I have Cubase 12 Pro.
It seems that since I have moved to Cubase 12 Pro my song projects open in 12, but the tempo sync functionality is gone and everything that I have tried in troubleshooting is unsuccessful and there does not seem to be anyone who has put out a tutorial regarding setting up the MODX8 with Cubase 12 Pro.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What was your previous Cubase version, you moved to Cubase 12 from?

How was your synchro synchronization setup in the older Cubase? How is the same setup in your current Cubase 12?

Thanks for your response, Martin! I moved from Cubase AI/LE Elements 11 and now that I have moved to 12 Pro I can’t open LE to see what the configuration was.

When I moved the tempo in my MODX8 it would change in LE, but it does not do it now and I cannot figure out why. The USB/MIDI functions seem to work except that.


I would recommend to do it the other way around. Cubase is Master and MODX is slave. Then in the Project Synchronisation Setup > Destination enable the MODX MIDI Port for the MIDI Clock and enable all options in the MIDI Clock Preferences.