Cubase 12 Pro New install - missing licenses for additional content?

I just bought and installed Cubase 12 Pro, and when I ra it for the first time, I get an error popup telling me

"Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or time-limited licenses have expired.

HAlion Sonic 3 Combos
HALion Sonic Common Presets Content
Hot Brass
Instrument Set Alternative Essentials
Studio Strings"

Im pretty sure this stuff was included in the download manager when I 'installed everything". So why is it not licensed? I dont have any additional codes beyond the code I got for Cubase Pro.

Did I miss a step in the install process?


HALion Sonic library is not part of Cubase license. HALion Sonic SE is.

I see… But then why why was all this non-licensed content installed? I checked the Steinberg Download Assistant, and I dont even see these items listed. I dont know how to get rid of them so I dont get the errors every time I start cubase…


Use Steinberg Library Manager to remove them, please.