Cubase 12 Pro not displaying triplet grid in drum editor

Recently upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro and the grid in the drum editor is not displaying triplets. I can’t see that I am doing anything wrong. I have gone back into Cubase 11 and with the same settings the triplet grid is displayed. I can’t see that anyone else has raised this, so is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I would appreciate if anyone can shed any light on this?

I did raise this on an enquiry to Cubase as soon as I noticed it and they have released an upgrade since and I still have the same problem. Please see attached screen shots for the same drum part from Cubase 11 which shows the notes on the triplet grid and Cubase 12 where they are out on their own.

Click the little +/- button next to grid settings and select ‘Use quantize’ at moment it looks like you have ‘use snap from drum map’ selected, which will use each hits snap value as listed in the drum map instead.

Thank you Bunny. I figured it may be down to something stupid which despite trying I just could not see. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Now I can get on with writing lots of songs in 3/4 time!



You’re welcome, we all miss things sometimes :slight_smile: