Cubase 12 pro not exiting completely

When saving and exiting my project, the project turns off but leaves me with the top banner of cubase 12 pro. When exiting the program windows does not tell me that Cubase 12 professional is still open
I have no idea why this is happening but tomorrow I am increasing my RAM from 16 gig to 64 gig
WINDOWS 11 user

Alan Russell

Alan Russell.


It behaves as specified this way.

The project becomes closed but Cubase is still running (so you can see the main menu).

Let me clarify this. I am left with a blue banner-I get no response when I click file - I then shut down windows 11 and when I boot up and go to Cubase 12 professional the error I’m getting is that cubase was not shut down properly and shows me the settings gray screen

This to me is not normal


Is your graphic card Windows 11 compatible?

Could you attach the screenshot, please?

My graphic card is absolutely compatible I increased my RAM to 64 gigs so let’s see what happens on exit. Thank you for your ongoing help

When you close a project, wait 5 seconds before closing Cubase. I have found that it helps, otherwise, Cubase just hangs (not responsive).

Since I increased from 16gigs RAM to 64gigs RAM - I don’t have this problem anymore

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