Cubase 12 Pro on mac Novation Launchkey MK3 61 trouble

A few months ago I was able to view it in the Midi REmote section, fully integrated with all buttons showing right out of the box. Now, it is not integrating. In the midi remote area, it shows “Add a device” not the keyboard like it did before

I already updated the drivers and everything else. I reset my cubase preferences, etc. There is no download anywhere for a cubase novation script, only logic, reason, etc.

So since it worked initially, I’m confused. I already spoke to support who offered me the reset solution, past that idk.

Anyone know how to resolve this annoying issue?

Hi @rpz34,
did you solve your issue?
I recently started using both C12 and LK61MK3 and I can see the script…
I’ve had other issues but I’ll start a new thread…