Cubase 12 Pro performance Issue

I also have clicks/pops when selecting tracks. I started a thread about the issue a few days ago, and a few others have reported similar experience.

It can’t be my system or drivers, because I compared CP11 and CP12 Projects with same PC.
And I’m not the only one but there are also users where it runs better…
well let us wait for the next update.

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Same here… AMD 1950X / 32GB Ram / Windows 10
Dropouts and a higher load + audio driver crash on simple project

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Realtime processing does seem to drop out more in 12 Pro than 11 Pro on Windows 11 for me (e.g. when recording or monitoring live audio.) Non-realtime performance seems about the same.

I’m experimenting with elevating the process priority to “realtime” priority. Cubase “boost” option seems to elevate it only to “high” priority. So far it seems better, but I need more testing before I feel it’s stable. Maybe someone from the dev team can comment on whether running at “realtime” priority on Windows is expected to improve performance or cause unexpected stability issues.

In CBPro12, using Aggregate device in MACOS, Audio Performance Level get red just with only one audio track
With CBPro 11 I didn’t have the issue.
If I select only the Apollo in CBPro12, I don’t have the Performance issues anymore.
I think that CBPro12 can’t handle Aggregate device in MACOS, I am using Big Sur

Cubase 12 performances better than 11 in my system. Windows 10 i7 8700k Apollo thunderbolt 3 interface

I am using MBP mid 2015 I noticed same issues with cubase 12 exporting tracks is slower then cubase 11

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cubase 12 on MacBook Pro mid 2015 (16GB ram)

-Export is slower
-Disk cache load is full when project is running from external HHD,it’s working good with internal or external SSD
-Uses more cpu power then cubase 11

I have performance issues with CB12 Pro. With same settings as in CB11 Pro (same latency and ASIO Guard) new version feels laggy, unresponsive and it consumes more CPU then CB11 Pro. I tried and loaded quite heavy projects in both CB11 and CB12 and 12 in all cases uses more CPU, and I have dropouts. In CB11 I never had any stutters and dropouts in those projects.
Win10 21H2
i7 4790K
GTX 1080 Ti
Arturia AudioFuse Studio


random graphic errors…

Same problem over here!And that’s not all!Cant open quantize box in main window,freezes cB12 every time,crash BIG TIME! No free warp function Not working! :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

12 is the same poor in resources management than 11. No difference. The same old sh. plus no Vst2. A shame. Currently is the worst DAW. Taking in count with Reaper you can load even 32 bit Vst2.

So you are happy with Reaper and 32bit plugins.

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS… i upgraded because multi processer performance was supposed to be better , only to find i needed to dele vst plugins to run what used to run easily in cp11 but they have remove some steinberg plugins without telling anyone…

I have the same problems. I could go through all my plugins one by one but I on’t have time atm. Eventually Steinberg will find out why this affecting a sizeable number of users but it’s been an average update for me. I’m back to C11 but I will try again when time permits.

Latest update certainly an improvement. Also, Waves CLA Mixhub a big part of my problem. So I’m able to open projects now.

I’m using a Macbook Pro laptop with 8GB RAM. Voly 276 interface using USB-C.

Cubase 12 Pro crashes a couple times per hour. I only have 7 tracks, 4 audio, 3 VST instruments. Audio drop-outs are near constant. It seems to be practically unusable.

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Same her on a 2019 Mackbook Pro 16” intel, Cubase 12 uses substantially more resources than Cubase 11. Identical projects in C11 are functionally unusable in C12 at the moment.
This is unfortunate as program updates are generally for “adding” functionality and workflow, not reducing it.
Adding continual features at the cost of stability and performance is not a self sustaining business practice.

Please continue here: Cubase 12.0.20 performance issues