Cubase 12 pro regretting getting it, was happy witl 5LE

Was using 5LE for like 15 years or so and switched to 12 pro, thinking it would be fun, but it wasn’t.
Trouble getting it to work with my interface ( apogee psx-100) is 1, but now I dont have an internet connection.
I wanted to uninstall cubase and start of with a fresh install, but even that is impossible now.
Spent alot of money to upgrade my studio, but it is death for months now, dont like that.

Why can’t you start with a fresh install? I have and it’s easy.

So many questions…
There are people on the forum who might be able to help you but they’ll need something to go on.

What operating system are you on (Windows, Mac, version)
What machine?
The PSX 100 is an external box that has to connect to the DAW via S/PDIF or ADAT. What interface are you using in your computer?
What happened to your internet connection?
Why can’t you do a fresh install?

I reinstalled it but the settings stayed the same, the ones I hoped would go back to factory.
Cubase does not see my sp/dif device anymore.
I had it working, could play with the plugins and audiofiles in cubase and hear it via lightpipe.
But my audio in didnt get any signal. I was fooling around with the audio connections, when it asked if I was sure to do what I was gonna do and I clicked yes, thinking I could always set it back to what it was.
But it said “not mapped”, when trying to connect sp/dif. again, IIRC.
And now I dont see anything anymore, no sp/dif no “not mapped” message.
My apogee is locked, both ways, not a red led in sight.
Really dont know how to solve this.