Cubase 12 Pro - Spectralayer NO LICENSE?

Running C12 Pro v 12.0.70. Trying to use the built-in Spectralayers extension, but it now started to say:
“No License Found, Enter a valid Spectralayers 7 license…”
This has never happened before. Probably first time I try to use it inside 12.0.70.
Is this a known bug, how to fix it, any ideas?

I believe Spectralayers One comes with Pro. Full Spectralayers (with a version number), you need to buy separately.

Assuming you don’t own it. If you do, I have no idea what’s wrong.

I’m trying to use the built-in version that comes with C12 Pro…
I have never installed a full Spectralayers or a trial, so…

The “built in” version is SL9.

SL7 was bundled with Cubase 11.

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Makes this error more of a mystery. Any suggestion what I can do?

Open the System Component Info window in Cubase. What is listed in the Extensions tab?

OK, I found something.
Spectralayers 7 is installed in my PC, maybe C11 did that (I have not installed it). There is no info in Windows Add/Remove programs, but I found a Spectralayers folder in “Program Files/Steinberg”.
I see no Spectralayers 9 installed, but that is perhaps what is expected as I only have the C12 built-in version?
After upgrading to C12 Pro, I also have the old C11 Pro installed.
Any advice how to progress?
Is Spectralayers 9 Cubase edition baked in to Cubase so there is no S9 file on the C:-drive?

S7 is listed there!?
I guess I try to uninstall it?

I would use the Programs and Features control panel instead of the newer Add Programs settings to uninstall SP 7, then install Cubase 12 again so the installer can add the missing component,

The component is at the path specified in the window there – which is why it might not be preset in the Windows dialogs. You can just remove the .vst3 file.

Uninstalled SL7 and installed SL9. Works now. Thanks!

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