Cubase 12 pro status line keeps coming back, won't stay disabled

I see this thread: (Fixed) Hidden Status Line reappears when track is added/removed

I guess I am supposed to disable the studio, but I don’t know what the “Studio” is even though I know cubase pretty well. The big ugly blank status line that takes up a massive amount of real-estate keeps coming back, over and over and over again.

Look at how much frickin real estate it takes up! How am I the only one who cares about this bug?

(Otherwise Cubase Pro 12 is a seriously frickin epic DAW, wow what a fun and amazing peace of software!!!)

Thanks to anyone who can help!!!

hm since you have disabled all the elements the status line shows, the message it’s got for you isn’t visible.

Anyway, read the topic you linked to.

That thread:

The status line is opening because you have the Studio turned on and it’s not connected. This was a feature introduced in 8.0 I think.

My post:

I don’t know what the “Studio” is

Your super helpful response:

read the topic you linked to.


That post from nearly a decade ago refers to the Audio Connections window.

The reason the status line shows up might become apparent if you re-display the elements you’ve hidden.

Look here:

Hmmm I disabled the control room but the status line keeps coming back.

Hi Plato1123,
I read the thread but just to be sure you are not confusing one thing for another. I looked at your picture and think it is not showing the Status Line but the Info Line. If you want it all to be gone click the little wheel (see picture and use the second wheel from the right) and disable both Status Line and Info Line. I disabled them and added a track. They both remain disabled. Hope this is what you are looking for.

Thanks for your reply. I triple-checked and I do indeed mean the status line at the very top. In my workflow I do not ever need additional info on: Audio inputs, audio outputs, Max record time, Record format, Project frame rate, Project pan law, External Sync.

Even if I disable these and disable the status line it still comes back, even if it is completely blank because everything is disabled. It takes a huge amount of real estate and doing some google searching I was surprised people have been complaining about this design for almost a decade… I still love Cubase but am surprised at this oversight.

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Just to be clear I do not find the additional info provided by the status line to be useful to my workflow in any circumstances at all. I am working on various EDM with no live recording and only output to my headphones. Even with control room disabled and all elements of the status line disabled, a blank status line keeps coming back, over and over and over again.

Hi Plato1123,
For trying to be helpfull I inserted a few pictures how it works on my side. The first picture shows a project with the Info Line and Status Line enabled but no events selected. This leaves indeed the empty useless space. Note that the empty space is the Info Line.

The next picture shows the same project with the Info Line disabled but the Status Line still active showing the things you don’t want to see.

And then the third picture shows both Status Line and Info Line disabled. Disabeling the Status Line removes the data you do not want to see. I tried it with adding a new track as well but these settings remain and both Status Line and Info Line do not appear any more.

So what happens if you disable both Info Line and Status Line? Do they come back unwanted at some point? If so I would contact support.

Hi there! I found the “Status Line” big pain in the a** as well. It is ridiculous how it pops up all the time after hiding it - it enables automatically after things like saving project etc.
You can set key command to hide it, but still you will need to press it all the god damn time if you work on smaller laptop and you care about every single pixel on the screen.
Unfortunately you can set the status line hiden as the default in the workspace too, while you can do it with lower/right/left zones. :expressionless:
I wish it will be finally fixed some day.

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I’ve had the status line hidden for years and it’s never come back.

That’s because you always have the input and output busses connected to something in Audio Connections, of course…

See above. If there is no input of no output connected, the status line will display to show the error.

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Sounds like you are saying in audio connections I need to have an input enabled even though I have zero use for any input ever and have never once used a microphone or other input inside of cubase. Is that correct? Where a strange bug.

No. But if a buss exists, and it’s not connected you will get that error message, and the status line will display. So delete your input buss.


Thanks so much for explaining that, that one was really driving me crazy. Steinberg, this is a bug, please fix <3

For anyone just joining, the solution was hit F4 to bring up the mixer. Look under inputs, delete any inputs under there.

Thanks again!

This is another old bug that requires fixing by Steinberg or at least it needs to be a preference setting (warn or not). I have several audio inputs that I choose to connect or not as required during the course of a project , i.e. an audio input not being connected is INTENTIONAL. I do not require an annoying ’ warning’ about it that eats valuable screenspace, thanks very much.

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