Cubase 12 Pro Stereo Balance Panner bug

Hey All!

So weird one. Just upgraded to 12 Pro, it’s running great except everytime I simply click on an audio or instrument track, just by merely clicking on it, the Stereo Pan setting incremently moves ‘-2’ points left. If I click away and then click back on that track, it again moves the pan setting ‘-2’ again!

Dual panner does NOT have this issue, only with Stereo Balance Panner.

I’ve not purposely set it to do this, this is very odd behavior! I also realize I cannot use the mousewheel to adjust pan settings, only one direction! How do I access Cubase’s mouse settings? It seems to have repurposed my mouse’s key mapping unbeknownst to me.

I’m leaning towards this being a ‘bug’ since I never had this issue in C11 Pro.

Hey Mods, I’ve fixed it!

Turns out Cubase 12 Pro had some funny Generic Remote assignments going on as I imported Generic Remote settings from C11. It turns out that upon importing them, Cubase reassigned my mouse as a click-controller for pan and volume! Super friggin weird!

All good now, please remove this or leave it up incase anyone else has this issue with importing Generic Remotes.

Hey Super_state, or any mods. Cubase 12 is doing the exact same thing for me. If I click on tracks my panning changes from C to L2, L4 etc… I did not import and generic remote settings so I am unclear of how to reset/find where cubase 12 assigned my mouse to change the panning. I could use some help kind internet strangers… =) Thanks!