Cubase 12 Pro still crashing on exit

I kind agree but…
A version or two crashing because of 3rd party vsts let’s say it’s acceptable up to some point.
All versions since v.7 crashing on exit is something different.

I don’t even use the same vst’s as I did on v.7. Not a single one.
Not even the same windows version and bits, and upgraded all to vst3 also since v.11
But the problem remains no matter what.
I 've said it before but fwiw my Protools and Sequoia are not crashing with the same plugins…

I don’t want to spend time/energy finding what the problematic vst’s are and troubleshoot by removing each one,etc, and then find replacement vst’s for those. and lose the money spent and spend again for new ones which might have the same issue etc, etc.
I want an error free vst host to use the vsts that I like working with.
Vst protocol was released by steinberg and should have been the leader in hosting vst’s error free.

As mentioned in another thread Bitwig Studio i.e. found a way to do it with its plugin sandboxing solution.
If a plugin crashes, only that plugin crashes and shows a Reload button in place of the plugin window.

Sorry for long post and waving the flag but it’s kind of frustrating dealing again and again in everyday basis with the same old issues after all these years.
I am with Cubase since VST 3.5 version and I always looked the other way for major issues it may had because truth is that is a powerful tool that makes modern producing a lot easier and always the pros are massively a lot more than the cons.
But for me issues like this one, or the drops of the audio engine when adding channels/vsts etc in 2022 are unacceptable.

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