Cubase 12 Pro stucks on Initializing VST 2x. Plugin Manager

I really hope, somebody knows a solution for this issue.
Cubase stucks at Initializing vst 2x. Plugin manager. Once I waited more than an hour, but nothing happened. I just can stop running Cubase with CTRL+ALT+DEL.
The only Way I can bring Cubase to run, is choosing the option “Disable program preferences”. It works than with factory preferences, how I know.
Where should I search for the problem, or what makes this issue?
Should I choose once the option below, to delete my custom program preferences? What will I lost?

Cubase worked fine before, until yesterday. I didn’t made any changes.

I really hope to get the right solution!

Usually, in the whole set of folders and files known as the “preferences”, it’s the Defaults.xml one that more often brings issues when Cubase has crashed more or less openly for a given reason. So, what I would suggest is :

  1. Carefully save in a safe place ALL the content of the \users\ [username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase12_64 folder.
  2. Next time you launch Cubase use the ctrl + Alt + shift keys combination while proceeding, and in the Safe mode window, tick the Delete program preferences option.
  3. Try to load a project once Cubase has been launched or, even better, create a new one from a project template if you have one.
  4. Immediatly close Cubase when done.
  5. Replace, in the path mentioned above, all the folders and files with the ones previously saved EXCEPTING the Defaults.xml one.

I have several times saved my a** doing it this way, avoiding a complete Cubase resetting.

EDIT : considering your issue, the Vst2xPlugin Infos Cubase.xml file might also be corrupted. So, as for the Defaults.xml one, maybe it’s better to also not reuse the one saved.


Regarding your point 5) according to my tests, the “delete program preferences” actually only deletes and recreates the defaults.xml and not the other files, so you don’t really need to copy all the other files from your backed up folder.
It is though an advisable practice to have a backup copy of the preference folder in a state where you know it is working without problems.

Thanks a lot for Your advice! It seems to be working!!
I’ll leave the topic open for a couple of days just in case, and if it’s still working well, I’ll come back to close it! Thanks again!

Thank You, Im greatful!!
The same problem came back, but I decided to clear out totally the mentioned folder, so it was empty. The next Time Cubase booted longer, just like the very first Time after insalling, because the scanning of all plugins. After closing it with a loaded project, I copied the entire contents of the previously saved directory, except the Vst2xPlugin Infos Cubase.xml and Defaults.xml files. Now it works like a charm!
Thank You again! It will save me a lot of time and nerve, if this problem occurs again!

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Just wanted to say thank you guys for this topic. Very helpful indeed!

Best regards!