Cubase 12 Pro Trial (Have 11) - Licensing, Content and GUI Problems

System: Windows 10 up to date.
I’m testing Cubase 12 - just installed it today so still have 30 days – but once installed here are issues that showed up;

— HALIONSONIC SE - VERVE: When I close 12 to go back to launch 11, I get this error (Verve is part of 12, not 11 as far as I understand it.

Why is 11 even looking for it?

11 and 6 are still installed and I should be able to open whatever version I have independently. A higher versions shouldn’t “cross pollinate” to a lower one such as removing or adding to older native content from earlier installs still present.

Since it mentions time limited licenses and expired licenses, I went over to My Steinberg to see what is going on…

— INNACURATE PRODUCTS LIST: I’ve had Cubase since SX-1 - then SX-3, then Cubase 6, then 11. But my Products page at Steinberg shows…

SX-1, Cubase 5 Trial (??) - no SX-3 or 6 or but shows 11. SX-3 was uninstalled long ago, and there is no Cubase 5 trial installed. Version 12 trial is on a different page since it is not dongle dependent.

But there is no record of 6 which is still installed. Or of SX-3.

— REMOVED VSTSOUND: CCleaner told me that there were a substantial amount of .vstsound content files that had been put in the Recycle Bin due to the 12 install. Since I figured that the Steinberg Download Assistant knew what it was doing, I emptied it. But now not sure. I tried to use Recuva to find and bring them back, no luck.

Did 12 mess with my 11’s content?

-– 12 GUI "GITTERS": When zooming in, the whole timeline GUI jitters. It doesn’t interfere with functionality but that shouldn’t be happening (never seen this in any past version of Cubase). I have dual monitors and a decent video card - MSI Armor Radeon RX 570 8G OC.

I don’t know how long the USD $99 upgrade period so I’m nervous about buying it due to the above issues. But if I wait for these issues to be resolved, the price may jump before I’m comfortable enough to buy it. Catch 22.

I can’t have 11 somehow potentially sabotaged/missing native content by the install of a 12 trial version.

Help appreciated.

Well, one issue has been solved. I removed Verve (it was “optional”, not “recommended” so a trial version) through the Library Manager. Now C-11 starts up normal.

The removed VSTSOUND… I can’t tell if it will eventually affect C-11 or not.

Inaccurate products list still stands.

C-12 GUI “jitters” still happening.

Can someone from Steinberg please respond to these remaining issues?
Thank you.

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