Cubase 12 pro trial to Cubase 12 Artist

I installed the Cubase 12 Pro trial and I’m coming to the end of the trial period. I’ve decided that Cubase Artist is sufficient for my needs, so I’m going to buy that.

However, with Cubase 12 Pro trial installed, what is the best way to uninstall all the stuff that doesn’t come with ‘Artist’ ?
Should I completely remove the 12 Pro trial first ? What’s the best way to go about it ?

Thanks !

I would do nothing at first.

Then, once you have activated the Artist license, and have confirmed the trial license is deactivated or expired, launch Cubase Artist. During the launch sequence you’ll then get a list of the unlicensed content. Remove the content using the Steinberg Library Manager.


Ok, thanks, I’ll try that.

I bought Cubase 12 Artist before my trial ended. Strange thing was that, even though I had removed the Pro version beforehand, Cubase Artist’s flash screen still stated ‘Cubase Pro’ at launch.

Didn’t understand why until I checked my licences online and saw that my trial was still activated, whereas Artist wasn’t. That solved it. Otherwise, no installation problems whatsoever.
Loving Cubase, I must say…

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