Cubase 12 pro with reason 12 Help!

I’m trying to figure out a way to dump a reason instrument pattern on a cubase midi track. Is it possible?
Or the only workaround would be, to run reason as a stand alone sequencer , export pattern to track in reason and then export as midi file .

Would really appreciate someone’s expertise here. Thank you

Cubase 12 pro
Audient iD14 MKII
Yamaha mx49 as controller
PC Windows 10 pro
CPU amd 5950x on X570s
32gb ram b-die
seasonic psu 80 platine
rtx3060 graphics


You can use the Reason Instrument as VSTi in Cubase, am I right?

Then you can drag and drop the MIDI Pattern from the VSTi to Cubase (if the VSTi supports this feature).

Hello Martin,
On the Reason 12 they removed the sequencer page when used as VSTi.
I can only see it when Reason is running in standalone


I see. Then the export > import way is the only one, I’m afraid.