Cubase 12 pro - Yamaha Genos - S/PDIF connection

Does CUBASE 12 Pro recognize an S/PDIF single connection from an Audio interface such as FOCUSRITE 18i8? I get no sound.


Alan Russell

It should do but you need to add it in connections as you do any other input.

I am using it from my Yamaha Genos keyboard and I know I have the connections correct
If you need like

I don’t mean physical connection. Under the studio menu in Cubase the connections menu. Have you created an input with the spdif input? Have you looked in the focusrite manual nd set up the port correctly if that is required?

Thank you for taking the time for answering my initial question I returned the cable to Best Buy got a full refund and I’m going to use my audio out cables to be plugged into two of the inputs that are available on that audio interface everything should be fine fro I just expected too much from the SPDIF cable.