Cubase 12 problem with project on M2 Macbook pro

Hi everyone,

I found myself in trouble for not the first time. I have a Cubase 12 running natively on an Apple Silicon M2 macbook pro. I usually use them with a focusrite 18i8 1st gen. interface at my ‘studio’ but today I’ve been recorded some guitars at home with a 1st gen Focusrite 2i2. Everything in 48 khz.

So the recording itself went without any problems. Changed the driver and choosed the inputs and outputs. All my virtual instruments worked (native instruments, kontakt) I tracked a couple takes I needed then quit cubase and shut down my laptop.

Later I wanted to continue working on the project. Opened cubase but now I didn’t needed the 2i2 so I just wanted to work on built-in audio with my headphones.

I press play and after a second or so the audio starts to chop itself. It’s like i press space for a moment and stop and so on. A freeze kinda thing. I had some issues like that in the old days whan I didn’t had a strong computer. Now I don’t think that’s the problem. Meanwhile if I open a Kontakt track it shows 100% of CPU use.

Every other project is working fine.
If I reconnect the 2i2 that problematic project works fine. CPU is max 5% at the same place.

So for me it looks like the 2i2 changed something in the project but what? I checked but I don’t find it.

Any suggestions?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Try to increase the Buffer Size, please.