Cubase 12 processing overload

Hello, I’ve been a Cubase user for almost 15 years, and since I upgraded to Cubase 12 I have a lot of problems that I’ve never had before.

Working with Cubase is becoming almost impossible for me, I constantly have processing overload pops that make it impossible for me to compose and produce properly even though I’m running at 20-30% cpu.

I searched for some solution and i tried disabling hyper threading, changing the buffer size of my audio interface, changing cubase settings activating and disabling asio guard, multiprocessor and similar, i even tried to format and reinstall everything, still the pops are always there.

The processing overload signal reaches sudden peaks even every 4-5 seconds, causing the audio to pop, and this happens not only in big projects, but also in lighter projects that would have ran smoothly on older versions of Cubase.

My computer is a few years old, in fact I was thinking of changing the case taking advantage of the next black friday, but it’s still an i7 4790k with 32 gb of ram, 4tb ssd and a RME Fireface 802, I’ve never had problems with any other software (both audio and of video editing), including previous versions of Cubase (I went straight from 8 to 12).

is there any way to prevent this from happening? I read that people with PCs much more powerful than mine have the same problems, does it make sense to update it and then find myself in the same situation?



Download and run ‘LatencyMon’ from
It will indicate which driver or program causes the spikes.
There are many threads on this forum about this tool. Search for it and you may get some solution once you ID the problem.

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Good morning
Have you enabled the asioguard ?
Have you done all the optimizations
advised by Steinberg for everything concerning

Cubase Optimization

Also pay attention to the Windows settings
“High performance” settings

Your sound card and graphics card drivers are update.
(especially if it’s an Nvidia graphics card take the Studio driver)

After your configuration starts to be a bit old and limited
but it should work for small projects

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I previously had an FX8350 with 32 gigs of ram so a little less powerful than your 4790K
see table below

I quickly found myself limited because I wanted to have an orchestral template
with all available instruments
That’s why I went to a 5950x 32 threads and 128 go of ram
And there before arriving at the limit of this configuration there is margin
After all depends on what you want to do.
With a little optimization your 4790k can still do the job but I don’t think for big projects

I would say it’s possibly your graphics card , yes the graphics will cause spikes and will bottleneck your system , you’d be surprised

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@microapp thank you very much, I will try it asap

@freudon yes I tried everything and already read that thread, but nothing changed, my idea is to change the case during the next black friday, I know it’s old now but on cubase 8 the same kind of projects (also orchestral and full of vst) worked perfectly

FilterFreq: My video card is a Nvidia GTX 980 4gb
it’s a few years old too, but when I bought it it was an excellent video card, which has never given problems with the older versions of Cubase.

Thank you very much for your answers! Now I’ll try “latencymon” and know more about it.
I will definitely change the pc, it was my idea even before upgrading to cubase 12 and I’m just trying to get by until the end of the summer, to take advantage of Black Friday, but I wouldn’t want the problem more than the pc to be Cubase itself, also because this problem also occurs at 20-30% cpu usage, I’ve never created projects that use more than 50% of my cpu and 65-70% of my ram.

Little update on my experience: I’ve tried just about everything, I’ve followed every tutorial to optimize my machine with cubase, I’ve even tried formatting and reinstalling windows, everything was useless.
Until I reinstalled Cubase 11 and now everything is very fast, no slowdown even with 30-40 open kontakt libraries.
The same projects that were unusable on Cubase 12 run blazing fast on Cubase 11.


I’m still at Cubase 11 Pro and have had few serious issues. I’ve been thinking about upgrading, but posts like this scare me off! Steinberg should reply to this issue. Have they figured out the problem? Was it fixed in Cubase 13?


Yeah, still on 11…I don’t dare upgrade.

I am holding back for the public BETA testing of 13 before I will make my move…

How can I find out if my Graphics Card is causing me any issues?

If you run Latency mon it will show you the highest round trip latency driver or windows components , run for approx 4 mins with all programs closed

Resplendence Software - LatencyMon: suitability checker for real-time audio and other tasks

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BTW , what is your graphics card ?

Hey , thanks for asking,


Ouch , yes , i would assume it would be your graphics card if you have issues , i tried a GT730 with C12 and there was a major bottleneck , track count was way below half of a newer card

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Arg…and I got it from a company claiming that they build purposely made PCs for Audio…

Would you know any Graphics Cards good for Audio you can suggest??

I am not having horrific issues, but after long use of Cubase (meaning after a few months) unexplained spikes are starting to occur, they then get to the point where it’s pretty tough to work. I’m on C11 BTW, on Windows 10.

Thanks so much!

Well, Scan Audio recommended to me a GTX 1650 for multi screen use and i bought one and used it , very good little card ,about £150 . I would still be using it if Spectralayers hadn’t introduced GPU acel . It depends on your needs but the Gtx 1650 2020 version is a good card and DRIVER before the correctors correct my terminology :wink:


Thanks so much! Will look into it :pray:

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Looks like there is a lot of (well-deserved) interest in this. I personally think that, if possible, issues like this should be divided into Windows vs. Mac. At first I had huge issues with Windows, but since moving to Mac I’ve had far fewer problems, so when I scan these posts that’s the first thing I try to know.

I think I’ve got the same card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, and yes, I have massive issues with Cubase 12 pro, whereas everything worked almost perfectly with previous versions. Have you changed your graphic card? Have you updated to Cubase 13? Are you still having issues?