Cubase 12 processing overload

Hi there, thanks for asking.

I haven’t updated to 13 yet as I am in the middle of a project. Will do it though, as soon as the studio is on a downtime.

I know it’s probably hard to believe, but I never up to this point came across the information to do with the buffer size…Go figure.

For years and years now, I have been working on the power management system settings, advanced settings, audio priority, etc., and NEVER once came across the information that the buffer size plays a huge role in spikes and problems of that nature…

I maxed out the buffer size, and all by a miracle…I had zero problems.

I added a TON of heavy instruments, and C11 worked without a single clitch…incredible…

I hope all this won’t be reversible when I upgrade to 13 :crossed_fingers:

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Hello, I’m digging up this old conversation to talk about how Cubase 12 was a terrible experience for me and to ask if anyone has had similar experiences with 13 before wasting money on an upgrade.

Over the months I have changed PC, now I have an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU with 64GB of DDR5 RAM and despite this upgrade, Cubase 12 remains totally unusable even in projects that use less than 5% CPU due to continuous overloads.

Does anyone who has experienced these problems know if they have been resolved in Cubase 13? I don’t want to upload to have another unusable DAW and I wouldn’t even want to find myself forced to migrate to another DAW after 15 years of using Cubase.

Hi there, what exactly is your version, 13.(?)