Cubase 12 Projects not freezing/not loading on different Macs

Hi all, long time listener, first time caller. Die-hard Cubase user. Full time professional, currently dying hard…
Ok so I have a professional studio where I am using Cubase 12.0.52 on a Mac Mini. At home I have the same version of Cubase, same plugins, etc on an iMac. Both computers have Intel chips, not M1 etc.

For years and using previous versions of Cubase etc I have brought projects back and forth on an external HD between home and studio and have worked on them seamlessly with no issues.

Recently I have had a few sessions that I started at the studio, stall out and freeze at home when trying to open. During the loading of the tracks it randomly stops, no error sign or anything, but a small grey square dot will appear in the middle of the screen, almost as if an error message were to come up, but nothing happens, just small grey square, and frozen.

It only happens with certain projects and I can’t seem to figure out what the difference is/what causes it. I can open another session, then while that is open, open the session that freezes, and it shows up and looks good, but then when I got to “activate” it, the same exact thing happens, small grey square of death.

I can then bring back the same file to the studio, and it will open fine…

One idea is that is it possible that my Kontakt sample libraries are stored in different places on each system, causing it to fail to load since they’re not labeled the same? That’s one of the only things I can come up with so far…

Any thoughts?!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you have exactly the same plug-ins versions at both computers, please?

Hey all, I finally figured out exactly what was causing the issue…
Thanks for the reply Martin - but yes all the same plugins, same versions:

So apparently the issue was that I didn’t have Native Instruments “Battery 4” installed on my home machine. At the studio computer, my partner had installed it, and unknowingly by me, that means it adds samples to Maschine. I used some of the samples in a Cubase project in the Maschine plugin, but when I took the project home, the error page that was trying to pop up was a “Missing Samples from Battery 4” error. If that had just successfully popped up, none of this would be an issue, but for some reason that message would glitch on a small grey square (i’ve actually heard of this rarely before with other issues)

On my Studio computer, part of my attempt to diagnose was to delete all the NI sample libraries and re-install, I was convinced it was a NI issue. Battery was then not installed like at home, and I got the same grey dot…panic! But alas, by trying to “import tracks from project” and make a new session and see what came in and what glitched, for some reason the error message loaded properly and explained everything. I decided it was worth it to buy Battery 4 (luckily on holiday sale) installed it on both machines, and now everything opens everywhere!

Thank sweet baby goodness.

If this helps literally one other person, I’m a happy man and OK with going through that nightmare.