Cubase 12 projects take ages to load


I am a Cubase 12 user (12.0.30) and I have just switched to a MAC Book Pro, M1 Max, 32GB RAM.

I am really surprised to see that all my projects take centuries to load. Even a tiny project with 5 VST tracks with no active effects or plugins takes 5+ minutes to load.

This never happened to me before. Is this a bug of Cubase 12? Are you experiencing something similar? Please let me know if there is a fix.

Thank you very much.

had similar issues on Windows when I had Windefender activated and not whitelisted Cubase. Do you use any AV kind of software on your Mac?

Also, try to create an empty project from scratch.I had this issue also with an old template I opened in a newer Version.

The last thing which comes to mind are certain buggy plugins. Does the project load fast without plugins? If yes find the buggy one and contact the plugin vendor to fix it.

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, your comments do not really apply in my case. I use no AV and I am testing the issue on a clean template with only 4-5 VST tracks and no plugins. It is really weird.

In order to avoid conflicts and incompatibilities I am running Cubase with Rosetta, may this affect performance?

Rosetta definitely slows down Cubase, but usually not by a whole lot like you describe. Could you try native instead, just to see if it fixes the issue for you?

Hello. Not really, maybe there is a slight improvement but nothing substantive I am afraid :frowning: