Cubase 12 promotes emigration to other DAWs

Aren’t you getting tired asking for DMP files ???
Steinberg makes a very bad job with C12, that’s all.
It is not up to the user dealing with crashes and their solutions “every time” they working on a session. I spend more time with this than with mixing.
I am Cubase user since ATARI1040 times and I am actually considering to change my DAW.
Regarding the posts in this forums I am not alone, that cannot be the intention of Steinberg
I am really p…off


This is sad of course - I mean, that you are facing issues with Cubase.
Having said that: Postings like yours here are neither helping anybody nor solving any problem nor…

Plus: There are soooo many users of cubase for whom it works perfectly.

All the best!

Also they’ve been active in moves that will affects long-term users:

  1. Removing VST2 support from hosts
  2. Generic Remote discontinued - without a fully adequate replacement
  3. Removal of Mystic, Prologue, Spector & Loopmash plugins without any prior warning

There’s a lot of good happening, but I’ve lost a lot of trust in Steinberg since C12 which has lead to spending more time in other hosts.


Well of course you are right, that we all should articulate our needs and talk about where Cubase/Steinberg fails to deliver modern solutions to the use of their DAW. But frankly I must say, that I’m constantly looking to S1 or DP11, which have solutions that I need and have wished fore for a very long time. Track presets that are loosing their midi channels, constantly interrupting my workflow. VST expression maps, implemented in way that makes it very hard to use with demanding libraries like VSL. Instead we have Chords and surround, which is fine and okay, but we NEED the bugs to be taken care of!


That’s exactly what I wanted to say, it’s nice to have a car with lots of features, but you can’t enjoy them when the engine doesn’t work.

hmmm, you personally know one of those “soooo many users”?
I see you are still working on C11, please upgrade and let’s talk again

Yeah actually there are a lot of us here using Cubase Pro 12 just fine with no issues… On top of that, most folks NOT having any issues wont be posting here. Sorry but a handful of folks with installation issues and internet trouble doesn’t mean Cubase 12 is not working for everyone.

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Well you havn’t been here for so long I guess. :wink: Some of these bugs has been around for long time! All we like to see, is that somebody takes care of the problem. You know for a professionel, sitting in front of my studio every day, it gets on your nerves right!

“handful of folks with installation issues and internet trouble”-really?
Are you saying I can’t handle my system?
Why should it be a problem with the system, when you run C11 without issues, than make the upgrade (same day, same OS, same internet provider…) to C12 and there are crashes and issues?
Every other software works fine!

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But when you read of refunds being refused for folks having problems it’s not sending out great publicity either:

Well, it seems that good-old Cubase can’t manage updating its parts (and adding new ones) without creating some fuss for quite a few users… It’s not easy running the ship of Theseus against an ever faster wave of obsolescence.

The only hint I can give is to install the latest update of C12, and see if it works for you. As a side note, Reaper is great and it’s as cheap as they come.

Hmmmm… :wink: … what you see is my signature which I have not updated - thank you for this feedback.
Facts are: I am working with the latest C12 version. So now - what would you like to talk about “again”? :slight_smile:

Well. It’s the reason why I am also the owner of Ableton 11. Great DAW. Of course I love Cubase. And I am also thinking about the Reaper for example. But for the film scoring Cubase is the king IMHO. I am agree that will be great to have more fixes and more stability. By that side Reaper is KING I think )

I have been using Reaper for more than 10 years and it is remarkably stable. However: One can drive Reaper and Cubase and maybe any modern DAW unstable depending on the third party plugins one uses. Im my experience most of the instabilities I experienced with Reaper came from certain VST plugins. Meanwhile I have reduced my VST arsenal dramatically and try do get along with stock plugins in Cubase 12 and a small set of third party VSTs. As a consequence I’m experiencing a very stable Cubase 12 on my Macs. The main thing a found a bit buggy is the new Steinberg licensing system, however my bad experiences with this were on the DORICO side and Cubase 12 was fine in this regard. After the initial trouble with Cubase 12 performance in the initial release phase I’m very satisfied with Cubase 12.

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I wish I could do that, but it’s just not possible…I also tried Reaper, but it looked very alien to me.

I absolutely agree that there are some (even old) bugs that are annoying. So yes, we have the right to claim imfprovements.
I am even ok with spontanuous rants - but the general “Cubase is sh*t, it does not work at all”-type of threads that comes with “I will change DAW” I consider to be absolutely useless (except for letting out emotions). They are in most cases just generalizing and claiming to be “majority experiences”, which they obviously are NOT.


REAPER provides an option to run plugins in their own process (i.e. sandboxing). Entirely separate from the DAW. Bitwig also has great implementation of this.

By comparison, Steinberg won’t even commit to supporting their own VST2 format.

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yes I know, but when the sandbox process dies your session is disturbed as well…

Well, disturbed is different to a DAW being unstable. Breaking a string or guitar going out of tune can disturb a session, that’s just part of working.

Having an unstable host is something entirely different and brings far greater issues. Not all modern DAWs suffer in the same way, because they’ve implemented systems to aid compatibility and stability.

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C12 also runs very stable here. Since the last maintenance update it only crashed once, and that was in a busy project when trying out new plugins. However, I think there are still some smaller annoying bugs, which need to be fixed.

I can confirm, that crashes mostly have to do with 3rd party plugins (which are out of control of Steinberg). But I am also convinced, that SB have to make sure, that even if a plugin crashes, Cubase has to make sure it runs, no matter what. Thats why I made this FR not long time ago. Would be nice if you could support it by giving it a vote, if you think the same:

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