Cubase 12 running studio and laptop

hi, im about to purchase cubase 12, been happily upgrading every year since cubase 7… i am relieved to hear i can activate the licence on 3 computers, and i dont have to worry about loosing my dongle any more. i used to use my desktop to create and my laptop to gig but always worried about loosing the dongle changing from one to the other… my question is… can i activate on my desktop and my laptop and have them both running at the same time… there are times when i have almost completed a session and would like to run it on my laptop to see how the performance is… do i have to shut down desktop version before i run laptop version???

You can run both installations at the same time. Once the license is activated on a machine, there’s no need to keep the computer online. As far as I can tell, the license servers are contacted only if you open the Activation Manager and even then it doesn’t check how many of your Cubase installations are currently running.