Cubase 12 runs natively on Apple M1 (but not really)

Finally able to upgrade to Cubase 12. I was really excited to test it running Natively in my Apple M1 Pro only to discover that it is only Cubase 12 that can run natively - not any of the stock VST’s that come with Cubase (I’m looking at Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent here)!

So, I can run Cubase natively on my system but I can’t program a drum track or some orchestration (using the stock VST’s that come with the software)?! I have to run using Rosetta? This makes no sense! I understand TP VST’s/Plug-Ins are a separate issue but surely the stock VST’s that come with the software should also be able to run natively? It’s not as though they are a paid-for add-ons (though I did pay for Groove Agent 5 full version and Symphonic Orchestra).

I use Groove Agent and Halion (Symphonic Orchestra) on most projects so I’m essentially still running Cubase using Rosetta until these VST’s have been upgraded!

That’s not supposed to be happening. Cubase 12 M1 native runs its own plugins in M1 native mode just fine for me.

Thanks @Kotsamanidis .

When I run CB 12 natively it produces a large error report showing all of the plug-ins that have an ‘incorrect architecture’ (I.e are Intel 64bit and not M1) and , amongst this list are Groove Agent and Halion Sonic SE.

@Ed_Doll confirmed to me last week that this is as they expected and that only base Cubase (just the main software) can run natively at present.

Are you confirming that GA or HS run natively for you in CB on an Apple M1 device?

@Brianm10 Are you running Halion Sonic SE 3.5.10?

Yes I can confirm Cubase 12 runs in Apple mode with GA and Halion Sonic SE both loaded up.

Thanks @Kotsamanidis

Hi @steve .

I had downloaded HS SE 3.5.0 from the Cubase 12 area of the download manager. That seams to have only installed version! However, i have now followed the route in your screenshot and installed it from there and it now works (though, the stand-alone app still seems to show the version?

My next question is for Groove Agent. The SE version (after uninstallinng and reinstalling) seems to work ok but Groove Agent 5 (full version) does not - is this M1 compatible natively?

Finally, can i assume that The Grand is not compatible? Having checked it still appears to not work?

Thanks is the number of the stand-alone version, 3.5.10 of the plugin.

Thanks @Phillipus

@steve - any news on GA (full) and The Grand? Thanks

I would not know.

Groove agent 5 and Halton 6 are not M1 native yet. Only the SE versions with Cubase have been converted to my knowledge.

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Ok, thanks @RTT1

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Sorry @steve I thought you worked for Steinberg as I had seen you helping loads of users during the Cubase 12 upgrade issues.

Thanks again for your help with HS SE!

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