Cubase 12: SAM not responding

I am running the SAM, (elements 12) and the color wheel is spinning for 5 minutes. Apple shows that the program is not responding…
Maybe the server is busy because everybody is activating the new release ?

i also have cubase 11 running with an e-liscenser (and dongle) but i hope that’s not the issue.
actually i could never figure out why i still have an e-liscenser after i installed the dongle. but cubase 11 is still running and looks for the dongle if i have removed it.

Did macOS prompt you to allow Steinberg Activation Manager to access the keychain? Do you remember clicking yes?

I believe i did, but got a password error. I changed my password, and entered it manually instead of keychain.
anyway, i re-started my process… Looks like i didn’t enter my activation code anywhere… my products showed nothing…
so i re-did the activation and this time i was careful to look for the opportunity to enter my activation code. I found it… and after a few screens, my cubase was pending and i activated it and cubase LOADED !
Maybe because I am a BIG SENIOR MOMENT (70 in august), but it would have been nice like FLSTUDIO, where you just launch the program and a screen comes up and you paste the activate code from the sales confirmation… (but i guess a lot of pirating is the reason why its more complex now)… Every time i update my cubase, I have take a Valium… Its’ always a dogs breakfast,lol

to save me another question…
Once i am happy with V12, do i just drag the Elements 11 icon to the waste basket ? or is it better to go find that document on the site whereby it gives you various folders and what to delete ?

thanks soooo much

(ps, have not idea why my ‘another question’ is all in caps… I’m NOT AGREE WITH YOU lol)

Glad to hear you’re up and running. Once we’re past the world of eLicenser, things are going to get a whole lot easier with the new Steinberg Licensing system.

I’m afraid I can’t advise you as to how deep you’d like to clean your system. I’ve personally used the AppCleaner app to quickly trash the extra folders of an application I wanted to delete. YMMV.

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you are welcome. I don;'t think i need to do a deep clean. If dragging the app cleans most of it it, will be ok., but i may run the app to see if there is anything really big left.