Cubase 12 select issue

Just found this one today, select a VST track and then goto Edit->Select-> All on selected tracks it selects all events on the selected track, plus all the previous track plus other event on random tracks

I had this as part of a macro which duplicated a track and then deleted all the automation\events from the newly created track

Hmmh, can’t replicate this issue on Windows and Cubase 12 Pro.

Edit > Select > All on Selected Tracks works fine for me on Audio, MIDI and Instrument tracks. No extra tracks or events selected. Whether Preferences > Editing > Track Selection Follows Event Selection was activated or not made no difference.

A macro with Project > Duplicate Tracks and Automation > Delete Automation of Selected Tracks worked as expected, that is created duplicates of the selected tracks and deleted automation on them. As did Project > Duplicate Tracks, Edit > Select All on Tracks and Edit > Delete.

Strange, i tried reboot and still have the same problem, duplicate a instrument track and then when i select an event on the duplicated track it also selects the same even on the track i duplicated from

Turns out “Group Editing” had been turned on for the folder that track were contained in


Thanks for showing your solution. I just got the same problem but could solve it because of you!